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School is a competitive environment, and students who aren’t doing well often feel embarrassed in front of their peers and defensive in front of their parents.

Hire an experienced tutor, to get all the answers your child needs in order to succeed in exams.

Best Tutor matches parents and students with the most qualified private tutors.
Our tutors are selected because of their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, motivation and reliability.

Tutor Rates

The tutor rates stated on this website serve only as a guide. The final rate is subject to negotiation between you, Best Tutor and the tutor.  The rate is non-negotiable once agreed upon.

The client understands that the preferred tutor(s) you requested for is/are subject to availability. While Best Tutor seeks to fulfill your request to the best of our ability, we do not guarantee the availability of the preferred tutor(s).

Our Clients
Our clients include parents who are principals and teachers at MOE schools, university lecturers, professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants), public sector executives, SME owners, young parents, and grandparents.

Our tuition assignments suit all budgets, across Singapore.

“I submitted my request on Tuesday morning, and that same day, they found a very experienced tutor for me. Really fast.”
Sebastian, parent of student who hired tutors in Math, English and Mother Tongue

Everyone can do well in their exams

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Tutor Rates

Tutor Category

Primary 1-3

Primary 4-6

Sec 1-2

Sec 3-5

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Current Undergraduate






School MOE Teacher






Full/Part-Time Private Tutor







The most common arrangements are:
Primary and Secondary School: 
Once or twice a week, 1.5 hours each session
Junior College: 
Once a week, 2 hours each session
During the weeks before exams, students often ask for additional sessions

There are five main types of Tutors that you can choose from:

  • Experienced undergraduate tutors
  • NIE trainees
  • Full-time tutors
  • Part-time tutors
  • Ex/current school teachers​

What Type of Tutor Would Be Best for My Child?

  • You can choose from a list of qualified and committed tutors with years of experience in say, the field of Math
  • Some students prefer to have one tutor teach them different subjects like physics, chemistry as well as biology
  • Or, you may choose to hire a separate tutor for each subject

The quality of these tutors and the rates that they charge depend on their experience and expertise.

Experienced Undergraduate tutors

  • Student tutors are usually aged 18 and above, and they make up a significant proportion of the home tutor population
  • Some are undergraduate or post-graduate students at NUS, NTU or SMU
  • They might also be studying at  Polytechnics or SUSS, SUTD or SIT
  • These home tutors are closest in age to their students, so they might be able to relate very well with the academic stress and conditions that your child is now faced with
  • Their knowledge of the curriculum is also very current, and they are likely to be able to share many valuable examination tips with their students
  • Tutors that are still studying may have problems accommodating your child’s tutoring needs during their own examination periods, or if they need to be on internships or overseas exchange programmes
  •  They charge generally between $25 to $45 per hour

National Institute of Education (NIE) trainees

  • These undergraduates of the NIE are going through training to become school teachers. After they graduate from the NIE, the MOE will post them to schools, to be full-time teachers
  • They have current knowledge of pedagogy, the latest MOE syllabus, and exam formats. Many of them had been tutors before they enrolled in the NIE programme
  • They charge generally between $45 to $60 per hour

Part-Time Tutors

  • These tutors have completed their university education and hold full-time jobs in various industries like banking, law, medicine or engineering. They are available for classes only during weekday evenings or weekends. Many of them were private tutors when they were undergraduates at SMU, NUS and NTU
  • Part-time tutors often are able to offer interesting “real-world” perspectives to their students while teaching them. This helps with your child’s understanding of how knowledge can be applied, and makes learning more relevant to them
  • Sometimes, they may need to cancel or postpone lessons due to the demands of their full-time jobs, but make-up lessons can of course be mutually arranged
  • The rates for part-time tutors vary according to the number of years they have been tutoring and also the qualifications that they hold
  • They charge generally between $35 to $85 per hour​

Current MOE Teachers

  • The MOE stipulates that current teachers are able to accept up to 6 hours per week in part-time employment including tuition
  • Former teachers or retired teachers usually prefer to conduct lessons at their own homes rather than travel to students’ homes
  • They may have to reschedule tuition lessons due to school commitments
  • They charge generally between $45 to $95 per hour​

Full-time tutors

  • The income of these dedicated tutors is entirely from giving tuition at students’ homes and/or at tuition centres. Most of them have many years of teaching or tutoring experience, and are very familiar with the MOE syllabus because they have taught the same topics many times to different students
  • They have good teaching methods and will be able to clearly convey important learning points
  • Experienced full-time tutors are often able to quickly identify the causes of the weakness that their students have in specific topic areas
  • As they have students studying at different schools, they can give valuable insights on useful content that is taught at other schools
  • Some of them may be able to provide better or customised notes for their students, especially notes that cater to the learning style of the student
  • Most of them specialize in a specific subject (or two), so you would be getting a subject matter expert
  • Full-time tutors usually have many students, and most have packed  schedules. Students might therefore need to work their schedules around those of their tutors
  • They charge generally between $40 to $95 per hour
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