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The Tutor Code Of Conduct
Best Tutor can help you fill your available tutoring slots with as many quality students as you can accommodate. We also require our tutors to observe:

  • The student’s academic performance always comes first
    Update the parents regularly on the student’s progress, learning needs, and challenges
  • Tutors shall provide their tutoring services with all due skill, diligence and professionalism
  • Be punctual for all lessons
  • Be appropriately dressed
  • If you must re-schedule, please do so at least 2 days before the actual day
  • Avoid excessive use of your mobile phone during the lesson
  • Get regular updates of the school curriculum, exam formats, and marking requirements
  • Have a pleasant disposition
  • No physical contact with the student at all times
  • No vulgarities shall be used

 Becoming Better Tutors
Our most experienced, successful and responsible tutors often ask themselves: “How well did I”:

  • Prepare for the particular lesson
  • Encourage the student to think, through the use of questions
  • Competently handle questions from your student
  • Keep the student interested in the lesson
  • ​If you feel that your lesson was lacking in any of these areas, then you need to review the lesson plan based upon what you know about your Student’s particular learning style.

When tutors focus on goal setting and customized lesson plans, your students will progress academically.

Proven Tips To Be An Effective Private Tutor, So That You Can Take Up More Tuition Assignments

Be a responsible tutor. When you are patient and nurturing, parents appreciate your efforts. Remember that every child is capable of using strategies you teach to find the knowledge, keep the knowledge and constantly improve from where they are

Provide the student more chances to speak up throughout lessons. This will help him/her to better understand the content. The student will likely then become more comfortable to speak out in your presence

Once you sense that the attention span of your student is decreasing, you should learn how to change topics or perhaps offer the student a rest. A five-minute break can certainly make miracles for a student

Speak with the parents if the student isn’t paying attention to you, and suggest ways to better involve the parent and student in your lessons

Responsible tutors can make learning real, relevant and rigorous. Such tutors are experts in their academic content – they thoroughly understand the subject’s concepts, ideas and problems

Being a tutor is a formidable yet rewarding career. It is a great challenge to take, and all the effort you put in is worth it because you have the satisfaction of working one-on-one, and seeing your students overcome challenges

Whether it is tutoring Math, English, Physics or Principles of Accounting, you are providing the knowledge, attention and time a student needs in order to learn difficult subject matter. Many students have lowered self esteem because of poor grades and difficulties with learning. By carefully and expertly working with them, you are giving them an enormous advantage to work at their pace and for them to ask questions without being ridiculed. As a tutor, you are able to nurture students and help them enhance their knowledge, raise their confidence and help them succeed

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Tutor Qualifications
We have over 20,000 experienced tutors in our team.  Our tutors’ qualifications range from current teachers at MOE schools, experienced university undergraduates, university lecturers to PhD-holders. They are very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements.

Our tutors are shortlisted based on their academic background, teaching ability, experience, personality, motivation and reliability.

Responsible tutors join our team because we are careful when matching their skills with students’ aspirations.

Just let us know your expectations and we will recommend a good match for you – within your requirements.

Who Hires Tutors?
Our clients include parents who are principals and teachers at MOE schools, university lecturers, professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants), public sector executives, SME owners, young parents, and grandparents. We also match tutors with assignments at Singapore’s leading tuition centres.

Tuition Budget
Our tuition assignments suit all budgets, across Singapore.

Education Experts
We believe in delivering on each and every promise. 

If for any reason we feel that we are not able to fulfill the assignment, we will tell you, so that your time can be spent more fruitfully.

Why Best Tutor?
We are fast. We are well-known. 

We provide the winning edge in education services.

Best Tutor’s academic advisors include former Heads of Departments at top Singapore schools, the chairman of the World Education Council (, an educational psychologist, and a university professor who specializes in pedagogy.

Parents, students and our tutors consult our academic advisors whenever they have concerns over memory skills, motivation, understanding and memorization techniques for key concepts, study methods, and all aspects of supplementary education.

Our expert resource persons will advise you on effective ways to learn, remember, and apply information that is required for you to succeed.

Free, Easy and Effective Tutor Matching
Hire a reliable tutor within your budget and according to your requirements. 

Through the years, we have established a broad and deep network of specialist tutors in all the academic levels (primary and secondary schools, and junior college) and across academic subjects.

Best Tutor has developed the most effective methods of matching qualified experienced tutors to help students perform better at exams. Every student has different learning needs. Some students learn by cramming everything in a short period of time, hours before major exams. Others need constant reinforcing in order to understand the content. Best Tutor knows how to find committed tutors who can identify the causes for lower than expected grades, and tailor the lessons to suit the learning needs of each student.

Catch The Problem Early
The core learning methodology of the Singapore education system is that each skillset is the foundation for future lessons, much like Lego bricks being carefully situated next to the other.

 Build a strong foundation for your child. Remedial tutoring can start at any age, but catching the problem early is best.

Hire A Tutor
Bring in a tutor because you know that when your child stays “I don’t care”, he really means “I am too scared to care because then I might fail”.

​If you are a student whose parents and teachers are often complaining that you are not putting in enough effort into your work, hiring a home tutor will help you know if your study methods and exam skills are correct.

Making the decision to hire a private tutor AND finding the right one can make all the difference in helping your child get his education back on track.

Talk to Best Tutor now, and see for yourself how our tutors can help you in the subjects you are weak at.

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