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An effective Tamil tutor will help you grasp difficult concepts

Is Tamil Important?
About 60% of Indian Singaporeans are Tamils. Tamil is the official language representing the Indian community. Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati and Punjabi are also offered as options for mother tongue study.

Tamil has been taught in Singapore schools since 1928. An estimated 77 million people globally speak Tamil. Outside India, Tamil is spoken by Tamils in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mauritius, United States, South Africa, and Fiji. 

Why Learn The Mother Tongue Language?
According to the Dr Goh Keng Swee Report in 1979: “the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew wrote:. . . . It would be a tragedy if we were to miss this and concentrate on second language proficiency nearly equal to the first language. Malay children should know their proverbs and their folklore…. For the Indians, the Ramayana and the Mahabaratha provide marvellous and inexhaustible sources of stories…. That they also carry a moral message is the genius of the culture. No child should leave school after 9 years without having the ‘soft-ware’ of his culture programmed into his subconscious.”​

 Who Speaks Tamil?
Old Tamil is believed to have originated around 500 BC.

According to the 2005 General Household Survey, Tamil was spoken at home by about 3% of all Singaporean residents.  Within the Indian community, about 60% ethnic Tamils in Singapore use Tamil as their main language in their homes.

About 39% speak mainly English, in contrast to 28% of other races nationally.

The Tamil Language Council was formed in 2000. The Council launched the Tamil Language Festival in 2007. The Council also organizes writing and drama competitions, heritage and language projects, and cultural performances.

A reliable Tamil tutor will explain the important aspects of composition and comprehension so that you can have a much stronger command of Tamil.

 Employers Appreciate Good Tamil Skills

Having a good grasp of Tamil may give you an edge when competing for an important career position. Multi-national corporations prefer to hire people who can speak more than one language as well as understand the business culture of more than one country.

When you are proficient in Tamil, you can better understand your Tamil counterparts, and have a stronger platform on to operate successfully in a Tamil corporate and cultural context.

Every year, many students around the world whose mother tongue is not Tamil  are enthusiastically studying it. You can master Tamil successfully too!

Tamil Today
Currently, the mother tongue curriculum aims at being more interactive and fun for the student. The objective is to increase interest in languages.​

Can My Tamil Improve?
In school, you raise your hand but the teacher is busy. He is attending to three other students who had put up their hand just before you. The bell rings and class is over. You still don’t understand how to do the homework, and there’s SA next week.

A good Tamil tutor can provide reliable home tuition, and clarify any confusing concepts so that you feel more confident with the language.

Hiring an experienced Tamil private tutor from Best Tutor will help you:

  • Write to suit purpose, audience and context in a way that is clear and effective
  • Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Understand implied meaning
  • Identify key messages, main ideas and details in a variety of spoken and written texts
  • Infer and draw conclusions

You need to demonstrate mastery of these (and more), in order to do well in the major national exams administered by the Ministry of Education. 
Source: Ministry of Education/SEAB website

Be exam-ready. Tamil. Make it work for you.

Everyone can do well in their exams

Hire Qualified Tutors

Tutor Qualifications
We have over 20,000 experienced tutors in our team.  Our tutors’ qualifications range from current teachers at MOE schools, experienced university undergraduates, university lecturers to PhD-holders. They are very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements.

Our tutors are shortlisted based on their academic background, teaching ability, experience, personality, motivation and reliability.

Tutors join our team because we are careful when matching their skills with students’ aspirations.

Just let us know your expectations and we will recommend a good match for you – within your requirements.

Who Hires Tutors?
Our clients include parents who are principals and teachers at MOE schools, university lecturers, professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants), public sector executives, SME owners, young parents, and grandparents. We also match tutors with assignments at Singapore’s leading tuition centres.

Tuition Budget
Our tuition assignments suit all budgets, across Singapore.

Education Experts
We believe in delivering on each and every promise. 

If for any reason we feel that we are not able to fulfill the assignment, we will tell you, so that your time can be spent more fruitfully.

Why Best Tutor?
We are fast. We are well-known. 

We provide the winning edge in education services.

Best Tutor’s academic advisors include former Heads of Departments at top Singapore schools, the chairman of the World Education Council (https://www.facebook.com/WorldEducationCouncilPolicyMakers), an educational psychologist, and a university professor who specializes in pedagogy.

Parents, students and our tutors consult our academic advisors whenever they have concerns over memory skills, motivation, understanding and memorization techniques for key concepts, study methods, and all aspects of supplementary education.

Our expert resource persons will advise you on effective ways to learn, remember, and apply information that is required for you to succeed.

Free, Easy and Effective Tutor Matching
Hire a reliable tutor within your budget and according to your requirements. 

Through the years, we have established a broad and deep network of specialist tutors in all the academic levels (primary and secondary schools, and junior college) and across academic subjects.

Best Tutor has developed the most effective methods of matching qualified experienced tutors to help students perform better at exams. Every student has different learning needs. Some students learn by cramming everything in a short period of time, hours before major exams. Others need constant reinforcing in order to understand the content. Best Tutor knows how to find committed tutors who can identify the causes for lower than expected grades, and tailor the lessons to suit the learning needs of each student.

Catch The Problem Early
The core learning methodology of the Singapore education system is that each skillset is the foundation for future lessons, much like Lego bricks being carefully situated next to the other.

 Build a strong foundation for your child. Remedial tutoring can start at any age, but catching the problem early is best.

Hire A Tutor
Bring in a tutor because you know that when your child stays “I don’t care”, he really means “I am too scared to care because then I might fail”.

​If you are a student whose parents and teachers are often complaining that you are not putting in enough effort into your work, hiring a home tutor will help you know if your study methods and exam skills are correct.

Making the decision to hire a private tutor AND finding the right one can make all the difference in helping your child get his education back on track.

Talk to Best Tutor now, and see for yourself how our tutors can help you in the subjects you are weak at.

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