Problems Faced By Teens In Singapore

During the June 2017 school holidays, Best Tutor conducted a survey of our students-clients.
The age range of the youth in this survey was between 9 to 19 years.

After 331 youth responded, we compiled the results – some comments are surprising, some are not. 

What Problems Do Singaporean Youth Face?

Body Image  

Many teens worry if they are too fat, too thin, too tall or too short. They look at themselves in the mirror and sometimes worry about the hormonal changes, why clothes don’t look as good on them as they do on others

Who Am I, Really?  
Teens are struggling to find their place in society. Are they still a child or do the adults think that they are ready for adulthood? If a child is brought up at home to be kind, tolerant and respectful, but she sees that people in school and the neighbourhood do not have the same values, what should she do? Be part of the crowd, or decide to be a loner?

Scheduling  School Work And Play Time  
The older a child becomes, the greater the amount of schoolwork that needs to be completed. There is always another project, another exam and another assignment to have to ace – every week. Effective learning skills and tuition guidance could be of great help to youth

High Parental Expectations  
Parents want the best for their children. They worry that once their children fall behind, they will never be able to catch up. Entry into good secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and universities is very competitive. “What if my child misses the cut-off score by only 1 point?” parents often ask themselves – and their children

Fear of Failure  
Parents, teachers, relatives, friends tell youth that they have to aspire toward greatness. They tell the youth that there is no room for failure. Being a loser is not acceptable, if they want to be accepted

Social Media  
Their friends seem to be leading perfect lives. OOTD (Outift Of The Day), expensive food and drinks, overseas holidays, happy faces. It is easy for teens to feel left out if they were not invited to their friends’ birthday parties, dinner get-togethers or shopping sprees

Lack Of Sleep  
There are never enough hours in a day for youth to be able to go to school, do homework, attend CCA activities, study for exams. Sleep is a luxury

What Risks Do Youth Face If They Find That They Cannot Cope?

Internet Addiction 
We all go online but excessive computer use might increase our feelings of isolation from the real world, from our social network – and even from ourselves

Problems At School  
When teens feel overwhelmed, they will have difficulty in concentrating. Their energy levels might fall. They might skip school, their grades might drop

What Do Youth Want?

They want to have their own physical and emotional space where they can do what they want, and be themselves

Youth appreciate trust because it gives them the support and confidence that they need, particularly when they are facing difficult periods in their lives. Allowing them to make their own decisions, giving them the chance to show that they are sensible, not being reminded “I told you so” at the worst possible times

Don’t Compare Us With Others  
Youth already know that they need to compete once they are outside the home. They want their home to be a place where they can feel emotionally rested

Sense of Belonging  
At home, in school. With relatives, with friends. Family is important to youth and they want to feel accepted and loved

Kids go where there is excitement. 
They stay where there is love
 Zig Ziglar


Wishing you all success! 🙂 

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