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Geography, Science, Tamil language tutors needed

Geography tutor profile

Ms NA is a Master’s student at NUS, majoring in Civil Engineering. She has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, also from NUS. Ms NA was a student at Anderson Junior College and Cedar Girls Secondary. She has 5 years of Geography tutoring experience.

Malay language, Biology, Geography tutors needed

Malay language tutor profile

Ms SPM is NIE-trained to teach the Malay language, and has 8 years of Malay language teaching experience at an MOE secondary school. She attended NUS, Singapore Polytechnic and Riverside Secondary.

History, Accounting, Literature tutors needed

History tutor profile

Mr ES graduated from NUS, majoring in South East Asian Studies (Honours). He has 4 years of History tutoring experience. He has been teaching General Paper at a tuition centre for 1 year.

Malay MOE teacher-tutors needed

Malay tutor profile

Ms YY is NIE-trained to teach Malay. She has taught Malay at MOE schools for 5 years and has 3 years of Malay tutoring experience.

Tamil MOE teacher-tutors needed

Tamil tutor profile

Ms SF is NIE-trained and taught P1 to P5 Tamil in a primary school for 4 years. She graduated from Singapore Polytechnic and has 5 years of Tamil private tuition experience.

Economics, Literature, Social Studies tutors needed

Economics tutor profile

Mr MI has 12 years of Economics tutoring experience. Mr MI has a Bachelor’s from NUS, majoring in Economics (Honours). He has been teaching Economics at a private school, at 2 tuition agencies, and is also a home tutor.

Geography, Biology, Math tutors needed

Geography tutor profile

Ms SC is a full-time tutor. She has 7 years of experience in teaching Geography and Physics. Ms SC has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from NTU, and had attended St Andrew’s Junior College.

Economics, Chinese, History tutors needed

Economics tutor profile

Mr RS graduated from NUS, majoring in Economics (2nd Upper Honours). He was an Economics relief teacher at a Junior College, and he has 4 years of Economics private tutoring experience. He attended Victoria Junior College and had 88.5/90 Rank Points at A Levels.

Biology, Literature, Chinese tutors needed

Biology tutor profile

Mr RK has 2 years of Biology private tutoring experience. He graduated from NTU, majoring in Biological Science (Honours).

Math, Chemistry, English tutors needed

Math tutor profile

Ms ZYY graduated from NUS with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering (Honours). She had attended Telok Kurau Primary, Damai Secondary and ACJC. She scored A* for Math at PSLE and Math has always been one of her strongest subjects. She has 4 years of experience as a Math private tutor.

Economics, Literature, History tutors needed

Economics tutor profile

Mr TL majored in Economics at NUS (Honours). He scored 44 points for his IB Diploma – 7 points for all subjects. Mr TL was on the Dean’s List for Economics and Math at ACSI, and has taught Economics to over 50 students over the past 4 years.

Primary School tutors needed

Primary School private tutor profile

Ms LCY has 2 years of Primary School tutoring experience. She is a 3rd year undergraduate at SMU, majoring in Business. She attended Dunman High School and teaches English and Math.

Chinese, Physics, General Paper tutors needed

Chinese tutor profile

Ms TKL is a first-year undergraduate at NUS, majoring in Public Policy and Global Affairs. She has 2 years of Chinese tutoring experience. She was a student at Serangoon Junior College and had scored A* for her Chinese at PSLE.

Biology, Literature, Economics tutors needed

Biology tutor profile

Ms MH has 5 years of experience in Biology tuition at secondary school and JC levels. She has a Bachelor’s from Monash University, majoring in Biomedical Science.

General Paper, Physics, Literature tutors needed

General Paper tutor profile
Mr PT has 2 years of General Paper tutoring experience. She has a Master’s in International Communications and also teaches at a tuition centre.

Math, General Paper, Science tutors needed

Math tutor profile
Ms DC is a second year undergraduate at NTU, majoring in Chemical Engineering. She teaches E and A Math to secondary school students, and Math to primary school students. She has 4 years of tutoring experience.

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